Thanks to for this great questionnaire! Feel free to submit your answers for Travel Talk Tuesdays too!

1) What do you hate the most about traveling?
Tricky one… not so much the travelling itself, but all the bad and scary things you have read about it in today’s media. I know news only reports on bad news, but you can’t help but remember all the horrible things that have happened to girls just like me, travelling just like I travel and get a little freaked out at times! But it has never stopped me 🙂

2) Is there any situation you try to avoid when traveling?
Being alone. Not only for safety sakes, but for my own sanity! I want to share what I experience with others. I want to be able to discuss and compare and relive with friends and family.

3) How do you avoid that situation?
Well, luckily for me I have an ambitious, travelling nut boyfriend. He and I have travelled many countries together, so I know he would always be up for a trip. But other than him, I just reach out to people. You wouldn’t believe how many folks just say “you know what, let’s drop everything and do it!” Especially in my generation where travel is so accessible and affordable now.

4) Cruise/Flights/Bikes/Cars/Bus – which is your least favorite way of traveling?
Probably bus. Cruises are GREAT fun, flights are fast, bikes are adventurous, cars are independent and you don’t rely on anyone else – but buses aren’t really any of those. Doesn’t mean I don’t use them on every trip I go on! 🙂

5) What is your worst experience while traveling?
I believe I have been very fortunate on my travels so far (touch wood!) There have been a few things here and there, but nothing major. However, there was this one time in Thailand that is scarred on my brain, where my brothers and I were snorkelling around the bottom of a cliff, when suddenly this HUGE, freak wave came. As it drew out the water, I watched as my younger brother got sucked into the rocks, then pummelled by the incoming wave. My older brother – being the hero that he is! – went to go help and also got smashed and was cut up so badly he had to go to a very dodgy Thai hospital. Safe to say that was the end of the day at the beach! 🙂


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