I’m sure many of you have come across this trick-of-the-trade before, but I have to admit, I only stumbled upon it last week!

I am kicking myself because a few Mother’s Days ago, I spent hours on end looking for the ultimate milk frother for my Mumsie – one that not only frothed the milk, but steamed it as well, so it was hot. However, loads that I looked at merely whipped milk so you had a cold dollop of foam to add to your coffee – not what I wanted. The alternative was to pay an extortionate amount of money – still not ideal. So I settled for a beauty salon voucher or something in the end.

Now I find this! A great recipe (I say recipe but it’s so simple!) for making your own silky-smooth and frothy milk at home – perfect for D.I.Y cappuccinos, lattes and mochas.

So here it is.

Ingredients list:

Milk (can be skim/trim)

A shot of coffee – approx. 30 mls (I prefer French Pressed, but you can use instant, just mix it with hot milk to make your shot)



Step 1:

Form 30 mls of coffee and put to one side. If using French Press, be sure to clean out thoroughly afterwards as you will be using this for the milk!


Step 2:

Fill your mug with as much milk as you prefer – then heat. Zap it in the microwave for around 1 1/2 minutes, or heat on the stove. I like heating on the stove as you can monitor the milk temperature so it can get nice and hot, but without burning it!


Step 3:

When the milk is at your desired temperature, pour carefully into the French Press. With one hand firmly on the press, pump up and down through the milk. The up and down movement is what creates the froth – so the more pumping, the more froth!

Tip: Bang the press on the bench, and swirl the milk, a few times between pumps. I found this helps mix it all together nicely, giving you the perfect balance of silky and frothy milk.


Step 4:

Remove the lid from the French Press, give it one last swirl, and pour! For a super frothy cappuccino, grab a spoon and scoop the froth all the way from the bottom of the press, as you pour.

Top off with some delicious Milo sprinkled on top. Enjoy!


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