A Backpacker’s Dinner: Prawn & Chorizo Salad


Since starting my backpacking journey, I’ve realised just how important (and how hard) it is to stick to a budget. A lot of the time we cannot afford to eat out. Our budget might restrict us to a kebab, burger or the like. Yuck! We appreciate good, wholesome food, so would rather cook something up ourselves.

But we are encountering a common issue. Some of the places we stay claim to have a “kitchen” but have often consisted of some bowls, cutlery and a microwave.

So! It got me thinking. Other than your usual microwave noodles, soups or toast, what could you cook for dinner, that’s cheap and doesn’t need the workings of a chef’s kitchen?

Well, here’s a recipe for an amazing wholesome, filling, cheap and very tasty chorizo and prawn salad. Here’s hoping it helps another poor traveller stuck with limited means of making dinner!

Oh, and it cost us less than 13 euros…for two people. Win!


(obviously you can use whatever you like in a salad, but this is what we used)

– Cucumber

– Cherry Tomatoes

– Capsicum

– Peas (cooked in the microwave)

– Lettuce

– Lime

– Chorizo

– Cooked Prawns

– Garlic (left in the “for free” box in the hostel)


So easy. Chop everything up! We chucked the lettuce, peas, capsicum in separate bowl initially. 


2014-08-19 20.10.04

2014-08-19 20.09.47


Chuck the garlic and chorizo in a pan. We had a little grill thing and put that under the grill. If you don’t even have that, blast it in the microwave to get the juices flowing! 


2014-08-19 20.10.18


We then mixed the chorizo and garlic, chopped tomatoes and prawns together in a separate bowl. Squeeze in the lime to taste and that, mixed with the chorizo juices, will make the BEST salad dressing.


2014-08-19 20.18.02


Then mix that in with the lettuce, capsicum etc and voilà! And all for less than 13 euros! 


2014-08-19 20.25.29




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