High Tea at Harrods


High Tea at Harrods

A trending fashion making its way through Auckland, just before I left NZ, was having high tea – but everyone knows, short of swapping cream over jam with Queen, to get the real deal, you have to go to Harrods.

Living up to the ‘tourist’ cliches, my girlfriends and I had to experience the ultimate high tea at the world famous department store. I felt like I was in the main dining room on the Titanic. Beautiful, pastel-pink vintage chairs, seated beneath sparkling chandeliers, with roses and champagne to greet us at our table.

The food was pretty good, (it didn’t reflect the price, but I guess you are paying for living it up in Harrods right?!) but the tea was delicious. Endless hot pots of earl grey, poured by a bow-tied waiter. The china was floral and wonderfully classic, and yes, we did stick out our pinkies.

It was probably the most upper-class moment I will ever experience – not quite the relaxed, kiwi atmosphere I will be looking to implement in my future cafe – but a great experience to share with your besties all the same.


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